An affordable home opens doors

In 2012, we launched the Housing Opens Doors campaign. Housing Opens Doors is a multi-year campaign to make affordable housing a priority for Ontario. With the support of the rental and affordable housing sectors, tenants, organizations serving the public good, corporate sponsors and concerned people like you, we’re calling on all levels of government to support the development and maintenance of high-quality, affordable rental housing. 

Affordable housing is fundamental to Ontario’s success. Whether it’s non-profit housing or another form of affordable housing, we believe that every Ontarian deserves a safe, secure and adequate home whose cost allows them to meet their basic needs like food and clothing.

Unfortunately, thousands of Ontarians are waiting for such a home. They live in places that are too small and in dire need of repair. Because their rents are so high in relation to their income, they’re making impossible trade-offs between paying rent and buying food. And the longer they wait, the harder it is on their health, their long-term career prospects, their children’s education and our province’s future. 

An affordable home makes all the difference to low and middle-income Ontarians. An affordable home opens doors to a better today and an even better tomorrow.