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Governance essentials: Leading within a changing sector

September 23, 2019 -  December 20, 2019

In a rapidly evolving sector, non-profit housing providers are increasingly feeling the pressure to be more strategic, financially-diligent, sustainable, entrepreneurial and innovative. To ensure the ongoing availability of affordable housing in their communities, boards must adopt new approaches and new attitudes about their decision-making roles and new ways of fulfilling their obligations.

This course provides a concise and practical overview of the essentials of good governance in a changing sector. Course participants will deepen and refresh their understanding of:

  • governance essentials in our sector’s changing context
  • sector trends and promising practices, including how to drive their implementation
  • fulfilling your legal and financial obligations
  • planning strategically to address current challenges and leverage future opportunities
  • recruiting the right people with the knowledge, skills, abilities and values needed to lead through modernization
  • how strong governance can contribute to achieving your organization’s financial and strategic objectives

Video segments help guide you through this comprehensive course. Apply what you’ve learned to your own board’s context by completing a series of exercises, and walk away with sample policies and processes.

Learners will have access to:

  • the web-based course and moderator for three months
  • time-saving sample policies and processes
What past course participants have said:

"This course is rich with useful information. I highly recommend it to any individual who is involved in governance in the non-profit housing sector."

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Governance Essentials: Leading Within a Changing Sector

9/23/2019 - 12/20/2019
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