ONPHA welcomes nominations from across the sector, whether it be small or large providers, urban or rural, long-standing or emerging sector professionals, or tenants. You can nominate your own non-profit organization, another non-profit organization, or an individual or group.

2018 nominations

ONPHA will be accepting nominations for our 2018 Awards program beginning in March 2018. Once nominations open, nomination forms and information will be available on this webpage, and will be shared broadly with ONPHA members.

Award selection and recognition

Who selects the winners?

Winners are selected by the ONPHA Awards Committee, a panel of ONPHA members appointed by our Board of Directors. The committee judges nominees according to the eligibility criteria and the information received in the nomination package.

When will I know who won?

Nominators will be notified of the status of their submission in the late spring. Winners are recognized and announced publicly at our annual Conference and Trade Show.

What happens if my nominee wins?

Nominators will be asked to provide supplementary materials (photos, videos, etc.) to help us recognize the winners. Winners may be recognized through:

  • a certificate and presentation at the 2017 ONPHA Conference
  • a tribute video and news release
  • ONPHA’s website and social media


Contact us at or 1-800-297-6660 x128.