About Integrated Pest Management

What type of service can I expect from my pest management company?

The Integrated Pest Management approach relies on all stakeholders (property managers, tenants, and the pest management company) to participate in the process.  With this co-operation treatment has the best chance for success.

The pest management company is responsible for delivering thorough and high quality services.

Housing providers are responsible for co-operating with the pest management company and coordinating with the tenants.  This will enable the work to be performed in a timely manner. Housing providers are responsible for educating tenants, performing regular unit inspections and ensuring that units are prepared for treatment. Tenants are responsible for preparing their unit for treatment, though may require staff support to do so. 

Pest management professionals will treat affected common spaces and individual units.  They will also investigate and treat neighbouring units. This should reduce the need for repeat treatments, and lowers costs and exposure to chemicals.

Who is responsible for preparing the unit?

Tenants are responsible for preparing the unit for treatment; however, housing staff should provide tenants with information and support to successfully do so.   Proper preparation of the unit is vital to the success of the IPM model.  An unprepared unit could have a significant impact on the spread of an infestation.  Housing providers should offer as much support to tenants as possible to ensure success.

If a unit is not prepared, the pest control operator should notify the housing provider. The operator may proceed with a partial treatment and inspection of the unit where possible, and recommend a follow-up treatment within two weeks. Where necessary, the pest control operator may inspect areas of the unit at high risk for bed bugs and, where possible, vacuum to remove bed bugs. If there is no direct evidence of bed bugs, then no work should be undertaken at that time.  The housing provider should be billed a pro-rated amount for the time spent in the unit.

What type of information should I get from the pest control operator and how should it be used?

You should request that your pest management company collects specific information during the treatment. This is an important part of the IPM model.  It informs your pest management strategy and will help you identify any issues that need to be addressed in future treatments.

The pest management company should collect the following information:
  • ability to access the unit
  • preparedness of the unit
  • number of bedrooms
  • sanitation/housekeeping conditions
  • observed degree of infestation
  • any other related observations
  • time in/out
  • charges for services (as required)
  • recommended actions and the identification of the focal unit(s)
Housing providers should review this information with the pest control operator.  The pest control operator will monitor the infestation and suggest follow-up that housing provider staff may do with tenants.

Does the service provided by these pre-qualified companies come with a warranty?

The pest control management companies that have signed service agreements with ONPHA are required to warranty their work.  Click here for a copy of the minimum warranty that they must provide.