Making your building smoke-free

Many ONPHA members have designated their properties as smoke-free. In some cases it is tenant-driven as a result of concerns about the health impacts of second-hand smoke. In other cases it is staff-driven and becomes part of the non-profit organization’s mission to create healthy communities for tenants.

Whatever the motivation, making a building non-smoking can be a lengthy process and requires careful consideration. Interested housing providers should ask the following critical questions:

  • Will existing tenants support the change or will you face resistance? 
  • How will you communicate the change to your tenants and future tenants? 
  • What policies need to be put into place to support the transition? 

Current legal opinions suggest that creating smoke-free residential buildings does not violate the Human Rights Code.

If your organization has implemented a non-smoking policy, we would like to hear your story. Let us know what the successes and the challenges were and how you handled any resistance from tenants.





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