Resources for creating a social enterprise:

Social enterprise activities are not for every organization. They require significant commitment of time and resources to launch and support until they become self-sufficient. If you are interested in initiating a social enterprise, many examples and resources exist that will help you to explore your ideas - see the links below.

Also, see ONPHA’s report on Case Studies of Social (Purposes) Enterprise in the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Sector.


Ontario Links

Toronto Enterprise Fund
A funding partnership between the United Way Toronto and the municipal, provincial, and federal governments to support the development of social purpose enterprises that work with the homeless and low-income individuals.

Social Venture Partners Toronto
Social Venture Partners Toronto provides multi-year cash grants and customized consulting teams to support non-profits to build long-term capacity.  (Toronto only)

Enterprising Non-Profits 
Enterprising Non-Profits provides non-profit organizations in the Toronto-area with access to matching grants and to technical expertise.

Collaborative for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED) 
Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, CISED is developing an integrated approach to identifying and providing services to new and established social enterprises in Eastern Ontario. This support includes training and orientation, technical assistance in the start-up phases, and development of, and access to, financial products.

University of Toronto: Social Economy Centre 
A research alliance between the Social Economy Centre of the University of Toronto, Imagine Cananda, and the Ontario Co-Operative Association aimed at enhancing capacity for on-going research and development for the social economy of Southern Ontario.

Canadian Links

The B.C. Centre for Social Enterprise
Contains a variety of helpful resources that can assist you to plan and establish your social enterprise.

Social Finance
An online community for issues related to social finance in Canada and internationally.

International Links

Social Enterprise Institute
A California-based non-profit organization that encourages convergence and collaboration between the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Social Enterprise Alliance
The Social Enterprise Alliance is an international, membership-based organization that connects social entrepreneurs to tool, information, and best practices while, at the same time, advocating for a greater role for social enterprise in the community.