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homesIn this section you will find information and tips about building operations. ONPHA members face many challenges in the successful operation of their buildings. From bed bugs to maintaining properties, every day can bring on new demands. We are here to prepare you for each challenge with information that is well researched and easy to understand.


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Information about asbestos and legislation that affects abatement and removal.
Intended for tenants of non-profit housing, this video is a brief overview of what bed bugs are, where they come from, where they live, simple prevention measures, treatment, and what to do if you suspect your unit is infested.
Best practices for dealing with bed bug infestations.
This webinar explores common legal issues related to the unique challenges faced by housing providers, including what to include in your lease, policies, and LTB cases.
The second of two videos produced by ONPHA to raise awareness of bed bugs and introduce integrated pest management as an effective tool in dealing with infestations.
Information on mould; strategies for preventing it and tips for mould removal.
This video provides a general overview of the different types of electrical panels and their components. You will see how to spot common problems that need the attention of an electrician. It also presents some recommendations for inspection and main
Information about elevator upgrades in multi-residential buildings
This episode includes legislative requirements, daily maintenece checklist, and things that your mechanic should perform during regular inspections on the elevators in your building.
Follow a consultant and board of directors in a discussion about the basics of the expiry of an operating agreement.
Follow a consultant and board of directors as they walk through possible scenarios at the expiry of an operating agreement.
In this webinar, Tim Dettlaff, Senior Vice President from Ameresco Canada, presents important and practical information on creating an effective energy and asset planning management framework.
A do-it-yourself energy audit for your building.
This video demonstrates required and recommended maintenance on typical elements of a building's fire protection system, including legislated requirements.
In this webinar, Sam Bryks (hsi solutions) provides up-to-date information on identifying and effectively treating bed bugs.
Join Doug Levitt LLP as he navigates the legislative tools and barriers to deal with tenants hoarding behaviours, including LTB applications.
Understanding the reasons why your tenant is hoarding is the first step to facilitating an intervention and deciding where to set the line between clutter and a health and safety issue.
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