ONPHA's annual general meeting

Our members matter to us
ONPHA’s annual general meeting (AGM) is our members’ opportunity to share their voice, views and priorities with their association. It's also a time to connect with sector colleagues, hear highlights from the past year, and find out what's next.
Scenes from ONPHA's 2017 annual general meeting, including Executive Director Marlene Coffey speaking at the podium, audience members raising cardboards cards to vote on a motion, and board members voting from the head table

Who can attend?

ONPHA’s annual general meeting is held each year as part of our annual Conference and Trade Show. The AGM itself is open to all ONPHA housing members, whether or not they are registered to attend the conference.

What happens at the annual general meeting?

Electing ONPHA’s Board of Directors
At the AGM, voting delegates have the chance to elect new representatives to ONPHA's Board of Directors. Only one representative from each housing member organization is eligible to vote to elect directors. Members who are unable to attend are given the opportunity to participate in the election via a proxy vote, with information distributed directly to members each year in advance of the AGM.

Approving changes to ONPHA’s by-laws
The AGM represents the one opportunity each year for ONPHA’s Board of Directors to propose changes to the by-laws governing the association. If proposed, draft by-law changes are distributed to members with the AGM agenda package and put to a members vote at the AGM.

Voting on key resolutions
ONPHA welcomes resolutions from members to guide its policies and direction throughout the year. Resolutions are considered on an ongoing basis and directly by the Board of Directors, who may refer key resolutions to a members’ vote at the AGM. 
Annual updates from ONPHA and its board
The annual general meeting also offers members a chance to hear directly from ONPHA’s Executive Director and Board of Directors on the state of ONPHA’s operations, administration, financial position and strategic direction over the past year, and receive key updates on what’s to come.

ONPHA’s 2019 annual general meeting

ONPHA’s 2019 annual general meeting will be held on Sunday, November 3 in Toronto.

Call for Resolutions

ONPHA welcomes resolutions to guide its policies and direction throughout the year.

The resolutions process approved by ONPHA’s Board of Directors ensures that resolutions are considered on an ongoing basis throughout the year and directly by the Board first. The Board may refer certain resolutions to the membership’s annual general meeting.

Non-profit housing members interested in submitting a resolution for consideration by the ONPHA Board of Directors can send one through their Local Advisory Member or directly to ONPHA.

For more information please download our Call for Resolutions 2019 PDF

Key Outcomes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting

On Sunday, October 28, ONPHA hosted our 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Thank you to all who attended and shared your views and priorities with us. Three key decisions were made this year:

1. Members voted 'yes' to a membership fee structure for ONPHA.
2. Members passed a resolution championing national and provincial Indigenous housing strategies. 
3. Members elected four new board members. 

You Voted 'Yes' to a New Membership Fee Structure

You told us what we were doing wasn’t working. We listened, did the research and suggested a better way. Members overwhelmingly liked it. Now we’re set up to serve you better for decades to come!

The fee model ONPHA has been using was based on outdated funding programs from the 1990s, which has meant some members who operate close to the same number of units have been paying vastly different fees. It was unfair and you told us it needed to change. 

In 2016, ONPHA began a thorough review of our fee structure with the aim to develop a model that is fair, predictable, and easy-to-calculate. This extensive research and consultation process informed a proposed new model, which was unanimously approved by ONPHA's board in June 2018 and brought to a vote at this year's AGM. 

Learn more about ONPHA's new membership fee structure. 

You Passed a Resolution Championing National and Provincial Indigenous Housing Strategies

The membership adopted a resolution championing national and provincial Indigenous housing strategies, put forth by ONPHA’s Urban Aboriginal Housing Advisory Committee (UAHAC). In addition, ONPHA resolved to work with the UAHAC to call on the provincial government to commit to implementing Ontario’s Indigenous Housing Strategy. 

The resolution calls on the government of Canada to develop a strategy aimed at raising the standard of Indigenous Housing over the next 10 years. It also aligns us with a resolution passed by the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association in April, which supports the development of a national urban, rural and northern metropolitan Indigenous Housing Strategy.

You Elected New Board Members

The membership elected four new board members:

Tom Belanger, Nepean Housing Corporation 
Leigh Bursey, Brockville Non-profit Housing Corporation (serving as Vice-President)
Karen Henze, Canadian Mental Health Association (Sudbury-Manitoulin) 
Arnold May, New Frontiers Aboriginal Residential Corporation 

Thank you to our past-president Meg McCallum and board members Peter Robinson and Guy Arseneau, who ended their terms.