It’s time to elect your 2020-2021 Board of Directors!

This year, we’re filling six vacant positions on ONPHA’s Board of Directors. We’re looking for members who want to be a part of driving ONPHA’s vision to lead the housing sector. All voting ONPHA members are encouraged to participate in the elections process - be sure to check your email for voting information.

If you have questions, contact Ijeoma Oreh, Executive Assistant, at

Ala’a Shadid
Operations Manager, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation

Statement: I have over 12 years of experience in Facilities Management, Operations Taskforce, Maintenance, Assets Management, Quality Control and Customer Relations Management.

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Alain Cadieux
Vice President, Tenant Services, Ottawa Community Housing, Ottawa

Statement: I have 12 years of work experience at Ottawa Community Housing and currently occupy the role of Vice President, Tenant Services.

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Eric Cohen
Treasurer: Ridgeford Charitable Foundation, Scarborough

Statement: I recently retired from the Provincial Government, where I worked as a Senior Executive in a wide range of areas, including Finance, Procurement, Project Management, Business Planning, Communications and Change Management, Policy Development and Systems Development.

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Jennifer Carriere
Operations Coordinator, Castle Arms Non-Profit Seniors Apartments, North Bay

Statement: I have a background that is a direct link to social housing.  An opportunity to work for social services, allowed me to follow a path that provided for professional growth. I am considered a leader, with experiences spanning 15 years on the Social Services board.

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John Alexander Gribben
Director/Treasurer: Central King Seniors Residence, Weston, Toronto

Statement: I have been on the board of Central King Seniors Residence for 14 years. This residence has 119 independent living apartments. 75% of the units are RGI. I have assumed the role of Treasurer, member of the Executive Committee and served in other committees as has been required

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Lori Trumper
General Manager, Kitchener Housing, Inc.; ONPHA Board member (seeking second term)

Statement: I am seeking a second term as a board member with ONPHA. I am the General Manager for Kitchener Housing Inc. and Vice President of the Board of Directors for ONPHA, and was previously the Treasurer. Kitchener Housing is a non-profit affordable housing provider that owns and operates 764 units and has plans to grow.

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Suzanne Le
Executive Director, Multifaith Housing Initiative, Ottawa; President, ONPHA (seeking second term)

Statement: I am seeking a second term on the ONPHA Board. After having served three years, one of them as President, I believe I still have much to offer as ONPHA continues this moment of transition.

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