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Governance Essentials

January 11, 2022 to April 4, 2022

The Governance Essentials course is foundational training for boards and senior staff filled with tips, strategies and resources to support community housing leadership ensure the effective stewardship of their organization. Learners will develop leadership skills and strategic practices to uphold the board's fiduciary responsibilities and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

About the course

This course aims to support learners in effective leadership and stewardship. It contains core information about the three pillars of great governance for an organization - fiduciary, strategic and generative - as well as the foundation of self-governance and strategies to support the effective functioning of the board. 

Each module of the course will guide you through various topics of board governance and describe the role and requirements of the board and senior staff. Study sessions include videos and resources along with practical, self-directed assessments that you can use to apply your knowledge in relevant scenarios and build strong governance competencies. The course also includes numerous sample tools and templates to get your board started with various aspects of board governance. 

Board members, whether seasoned or new to the role, will have a chance to deepen and apply their learning through:

  • quizzes and assignments throughout the course
  • a moderate discussion forum where they can ask questions, share reflections and connect with their peers in the sector

Who should take the course?

The course is targeted at board members and senior staff who are looking to develop their leadership potential, and ties course information with learners' existing knowledge and experience, providing practical problems and activities.

This course is applicable to:

  • New and existing board members looking for ongoing training and competency development
  • senior leadership
  • new organizations from a merger/amalgamation
  • boards of struggling organizations/projects in difficulty
  • service manager staff overseeing struggling organizations (including PIDs)

Why take the course?

Effective leadership and governance skills are becoming increasingly important non-profit organizations in navigating today's challenges in community housing. With the new political and funding climate demanding an entrepreneurial approach to organizational planning and practice, a shift towards building overall leadership capacity is essential for non-profits.

Through the course, boards will:

  • strengthen their vision for the organization and the role of the board
  • build a strong understanding of fiduciary obligations
  • develop strategic leadership and change management skills
  • learn approaches to strategic planning to carry out the organization's vision and mission as well as succession planning programs for ongoing board renewal and competency development

Improving governance, exercising financial discipline, upholding the highest standards for customer service and planning effectively for the future will enable providers to take advantage of funding and partnership opportunities as they enter this new era. 

Accessing the course

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Governance Essentials Online Course

1/11/2022 - 4/4/2022
The Governance Course Is Online



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