COVID-19 to date: lessons learned and where do we go from here?

Thursday, October 22, 2020 | 1pm to 4pm

As we brace ourselves for COVID-19’s second wave, the community housing sector is directing focus from emergency response towards long-term planning and recovery. We’re bringing together a panel of community housing leaders (including ONPHA Members) from across the country to share their organizational experiences and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Join our panel as they discuss the impacts and challenges that COVID-19 has had on their operations, staff, and tenants and the best practices and resources that they have developed, including new operations and service delivery models, risk assessment and management practices, rental arrears management and repayment plans, remote and return to work policies, and more.

Get insights that will help your organization:

  • make strategic organizational decisions
  • develop standard operating practices, protocols and policies
  • manage your operations while continuing to keep staff and tenants safe

This session is geared towards housing provider staff who are involved in leadership, strategic planning, and housing management.

Meet the Panelists

Angela Cooke, Vice-President of Operations, BC Housing, has worked in the social housing sector for over 25 years. She brings a wealth of experience to BC Housing, with a degree and post graduate degree in Housing and Business Leadership and performance in Social Housing. During her career, she worked her way up to the executive level after holding numerous roles on the frontline. Prior to joining BC Housing from Toronto, Ontario, Angela previously worked at WoodGreen Community Services, as their Vice President, Housing and Homelessness Housing Help, and Community Supports Service, and Facilities Management. Most recently, Angela worked at Toronto Community Housing as the Vice President of Tenant & Community Services, providing services to the 150,000 tenants across the city of Toronto.

Ray Sullivan is Executive Director of Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, a private non-profit landlord that houses almost 1600 households in over 50 properties in downtown Ottawa. Ray also chairs the Board of Cahdco, a non-profit development corporation. He is Vice-President of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, President of the Social Housing Registry of Ottawa and has served in the past as Vice President and as Treasurer of the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association. Ray has worked in the non-profit housing sector since 1999, but has only managed through one global pandemic.

Jim Steele, Chief Executive Officer of the Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation (CHC) is an experienced Director, Chief Executive and senior executive with a substantial and successful career in the housing industry. Jim’s extensive 30 year public and non-profit sector experience at the local, regional and provincial levels has qualified Jim to commit to improved sustainability, neighbourhood revitalization and quality of services which will enhance and create affordable housing. As a mentor and consultant for numerous housing initiatives, Jim’s focus is on capacity building, planning, with a track record of facilitating strong corporate and community relationships as well as introducing innovative programs and services.

Andrea Warren is currently the General Manager for the Peel Housing Corporation, a position she has held for a year. She brings to this role her skills and experiences earned, and honed, over her 20 year career with the Region of Peel. She is a registered professional land use planner and project manager.  Previously, Andrea held the position of Director, Development Services, with the Region. Andrea holds degrees from the universities of Waterloo and York and has a passion for leading teams through change to positive outcomes.

Jane Kuchma has worked as Executive Director of the Richview Baptist Foundation, operator of Richview Residence for Seniors in the Etobicoke area of Toronto for the past 13 years. Richview Residence has been in operation since 1980 and is comprised of a 195 suite former Section 95 building and a 128 suite Section 78 building. Richview Residence also provides an optional dining program and has a separately managed and funded assisted living service for those who qualify. Jane is also on the Board of Directors for St. Matthew’s Bracondale House. Prior to working at the Richview Baptist Foundation, Jane worked in community mental health and housing programs in both Toronto and Ottawa and in community living programs in York Region.

Kelly Black is the Chief Administrative Officer for the District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board. In her role as CAO Kelly is responsible for the oversight of social assistance, community housing, children’s services and land ambulance for the District of Timiskaming. Kelly is actively involved with the Northern Ontario Service Deliverers Association (NOSDA), the Insurance Reference Group with Housing Services Corporation and is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Housing Canada. Over the past 12 years working in the sector Kelly has held positions with a housing provider and the service manager. Kelly served on the ONPHA Board from 2016-2019.


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