Award for Excellence

2019 Winner

LOFT Community Services: Bradford House

LOFT Community Services’ Bradford House helps 54 at-risk seniors to live safely and independently in their community. A meal program and 24-hour onsite support services tailored to each resident’s individual needs helps postpone or eliminate the need for institutional care. Strong community partnerships and support services including care coordination, appointment escorts, medication support and assistance learning or relearning basic life skills help some of society’s most vulnerable citizens to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.

ONPHA is proud to recognize and celebrate their success. Watch the video to learn more. 

About the Award

ONPHA’s Award for Excellence recognizes non-profit housing providers that respond to tenant or community needs with imagination and insight.

These outstanding organizations go beyond their housing mandates, building strong tenant communities and partnerships, housing populations that have been poorly served, advocating and supporting new development, and demonstrating originality and innovation to manage housing more effectively.

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