There’s never been a better time to renew your membership

With so much uncertainty, our sector needs a unified voice in the halls of power, opportunities to grow, and leadership to ensure we can rebuild once the hard times pass. That’s why it’s important, now more than ever, to renew your membership with us. ONPHA offers real, tangible value to members every day.

Recent Wins for Members

An ONPHA membership makes your job easier and helps you run your business more effectively. Check out these recent wins:

  • We launched a new online course to get you ready for the new, simplified world of rent-geared-to-income administration
  • We’re saving you time and money with even more partners added to our ONPHA Select group purchasing program, including deals on PPE, HR and health & safety consultancy, tax services, and more
  • We’re responding quickly with new resources to help you navigate your new reality, including a hub of tools related to pandemic planning and tracking government initiatives

Ready to Renew?

Get in touch with us at We’re happy to walk you through the renewal process and help you maximize the value of your membership. We’ll also work with you on solutions if your current financial situation during the health crisis is creating a challenge.

About our Membership Fee Structure

On July 1, 2019, ONPHA began rolling out our new membership fee structure for housing members, as voted in at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. For current members, it will be transitioned in over a 4-year period to help you plan ahead. The first incremental changes to your fees appeared in the July 1, 2019, renewal packages. New members in 2020 will start immediately under the new fee model and new rates.

The new model is different in two important ways:

  • It is based on unit bands.
  • It offers a choice between two different membership levels: Core or Upgraded. Those choosing core membership will have access to core benefits and discounts, with some restrictions. Upgraded members* will receive additional benefits and greater access to customized resources, deeper discounts and more.

*Members operating 500 or more units will automatically receive an upgraded membership.

Benefits of the new fee structure:

  • Standardized fees that are more transparent and fair than the existing model
  • Choice of the products and services you want and need
  • Fee decrease for core membership for close to 80% of members. (Some members will see minimal increases, which will be introduced incrementally.)
  • Expanded service offerings from ONPHA.

Questions about the new fee structure?

Check out our FAQs or contact

Core vs. Upgraded Membership

Every ONPHA member uses our services differently. The new tiered model allows you to choose the level of service you want and need. Members operating fewer than 500 units now have a choice between Core or Upgraded Membership. Here’s the difference:

4-Year Transition

To ensure no changes happen suddenly and we provide current members with fee predictability, they will be transitioned to the new fee structure over 4 years (by the year 2022), with incremental changes each year. By this time, ONPHA plans to have our new lines of business fully operational. The chart below shows what the Core vs. Upgraded fees will be for existing members by the end of the 4-year transition period.