FAQ’s – Proposed Membership Fee Structure

Q. What happened to housing member fees on July 1, 2019?

A. On July 1, 2019, ONPHA implemented a new membership fee structurer to a fairer, more transparent model. It gives members a choice. For those operating fewer than 500 units, members can choose between Core or Upgraded memberships. Members operating over 500 units automatically receive an Upgraded membership.

For current ONPHA members, the new fee model will be rolled out incrementally over four years.
Note: Under the new structure, nearly 80% of housing members see a decrease in their annual fee. Some are not impacted at all, while a few others see some increases.

Q. What if I have questions once I receive my renewal package?

A. We anticipate you may have questions about the new model and your new fees once you receive your package. Please contact us at membership@onpha.org or call us at 416-927-9144 or toll free in Ontario at 1-800-297-6660.

Q. What are the new fees?

A. Your organization's fees are based on two things:

  1. the unit range your organization falls under;
  2. the level of membership your organization chooses (i.e., the type of services you want to access). Most members may choose Core or Upgraded memberships. The ONPHA team will ensure options are clear before you decide.

For current members, the new fees will be adjusted over the 4-year transition period. Once that period is over, fees will remain the same going forward. New members will start at the fees listed below.


Q. My organization is in a different financial situation now that we’re in a global health crisis with COVID-19. What are our options for renewing?

A. If you would like to renew but your organization has faced financial difficulties due to COVID-19, we’re here to work with you on a solution. You have the option of spreading out your fees over four quarterly payments, maintaining your membership at your current rate, or contacting us at membership@onpha.org to work out a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Q. If I try an Upgraded membership, can I switch to Core in a following year?

A. Absolutely. Changing from an Upgraded to a Core membership can be adjusted at the time of renewal.

For those who choose a Core membership to start, if you find you are using many of ONPHA’s services and wish to upgrade partway through the year, that’s fine. Contact membership@onpha.org.

Q. Why is ONPHA changing how fees are calculated?

A. Members told us the previous model did not reflect your current financial realities. ONPHA’s former fee structure was based on outdated housing programs dating to the 1990s. As a result, many members who operated similar numbers of units paid different fees. The model needed to be updated.

The housing sector has changed dramatically since the previous structure was introduced. Our members are reaching end of operating agreements on their properties; the National Housing Strategy is promising new money for development; and we are nearing the end of the Affordable Housing Ontario program. Changing our fee structure keeps the door open for members to develop new units while in most cases, staying in their current unit range.

Q. How was the new model developed? 

A. Getting to the new model did not happen overnight. It was addressed carefully, with a commitment to do it right.

In January 2016, ONPHA formed a member committee to review the association’s fee structure. The committee conducted comprehensive best practice research into membership models, including looking at other associations. They identified possible models and fees. They tested each model and looked at the sensitivity impacts for all members. Then, they presented their findings to the board and made a recommendation to proceed with a tiered model based on unit bands. ONPHA’s Board approved the proposed new model in June 2018.

To learn more about the Committee’s work, review their January 2018 presentation to the board.

Q. Who decided to approve the new membership fee model is approved? 

A. Members. At ONPHA’s Annual General Meeting on October 28, 2018, member organizations voted overwhelming to approve the new fee model. 

Q. What specifically did members vote on?

A. At the AGM, the vote was presented to members as:
  1. the new tiered ONPHA Membership Fee Structure based on unit bands be approved.
  2. the four-year transition period to the new Membership Fee Structure, starting with the July 2019 renewal and becoming fully operational by the 2022 renewal, be approved.”

Q. Will we lose access to our regular ONPHA services?

A. No. We designed the new structure to ensure core services, like member support and key resources you need to effectively operate your business are still available to core members. We also want to give you more choice because each member uses ONPHA differently. ONPHA will also develop new services to address member needs: an extended ONPHA Select program and an Online Community portal. We are working to expand our offerings to add more value and serve you better. We want you to give you the power to decide what services you need.

Q. Why don’t members with over 500 units have an option for a core membership?

A. Through our analysis, we found that members with 500 plus units have always paid much more to access ONPHA’s benefits. In addition, they also tend to make heavy use of ONPHA’s services. Their fees will lower slightly or increase slightly, similar to the smaller unit bands, but we found the new fee was large enough to bring them into the “upgraded” membership level, and the services available at that level also align well with their typical use of our services.

Q. When will we find out more about the Premier Membership services?

A. ONPHA will develop the Premier Membership over the next year. Once the program is fully developed, we will reach out to members to explain the new service options available. Right now, we are targeting the July 2020 renewal period to offer the Premier Membership.

Q. I still have questions. Where can I find out more?

A. Please contact us at membership@onpha.org if you have any additional questions. 

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