About Enliven HR

En ˑ liv ˑ en
verb: “To give life, action, or spirit to”

We live and breathe this philosophy daily with our clients and find deep meaning in why we exist as a Firm.

Our Beliefs: We are a full-service client-centric HR consulting firm dedicated to partnering with clients to build the best places to work by creating integrated and sustainable HR strategies and solutions. We believe in collaborating with our clients to build the best places to work by helping them inspire leaders, engage team members, and transform their organizations in remarkable ways.

Our Values: We live by the following core values that influence the work we perform with clients: adaptability, collaboration, partnering, and trust, integrity and ethics.

Our Passion: To give back to communities across Ontario and Canada.

To learn more visit: enlivenhr.ca

What Enliven HR is Known For

Benefits of Working with Enliven

  • You will become part of the Enliven HR Community and will be able to network with other clients at Enliven’s virtual and in-person events.
  • Receive access to updates provided by the Enliven HR Team including newsletters, bulletins and webinars.
  • Attend our complimentary webinars where we have partners from the legal community speak on changes in legislation and where we address issues your organization may be experiencing.
  • You will be provided with preferential pricing on programs and certificate programs delivered by the Enliven HR Team.

What's the deal?

As an ONPHA member, we provide you with a 12 – 30% discount on all the work we perform for you. Price discounts vary based on the type and complexity of work performed.

We offer customized and flexible arrangements for ONPHA members including:

  • Ad hoc hourly consulting to address your daily employee relations’ needs or to answer quick HR-related and HR compliance-related questions.
  • HR hotline services whereby we act as your HR department when employees may have a question or a concern that they wish to have addressed by a third-party.
  • Retainer arrangements where you may not have an HR team and are requesting support from our team.
  • Project rates based on a scope of work, initiative, or project.
  • Leadership and talent development programs priced based on the length of each workshop (both virtual and in-person).



Jodi Zigelstein-Yip (she/her)
Chief HR Innovator and Founder
Enliven HR Consulting