Each year, GUS’s franchises respond to tens of thousands of emergencies (sewer backup, water, fire and smoke) with speed and professionalism. Since 1991 GUS has set the standard in the fields of post-disaster cleaning, renovation and construction.

GUS offers

  • Emergency and reconstruction restoration for Fire, Water, Sewer
  • Back Moisture readings
  • Asbestos testing and abatement
  • Mould abatement Estimate reviews
  • 24 hour call center

Areas serviced

GUS has nearly 240 franchises across seven provinces. To find a location near you, use their store locator:

What's the deal?

ONPHA members have exclusive access to:

  • 5% discount on all equipment used while performing emergency services.
  • Complimentary estimate review from our head office staff
  • ONPHA members get priority in a catastrophic weather event such as a windstorm, flooding etc.
  • Complimentary inspection of properties within a 50 km radius of a GUS location


Call Centre
Tel - 1-888-361-0911
Email –

Main Contact
Lisa Bono
Director of Operations
1-800-361-0911 Ext 2248