An engineering firm specializing in vertical transportation systems. Founded in 1965, KJA is the largest vertical transportation consulting firm in Canada and has completed projects around the world.

KJA offers

KJA has designed, specified and inspected elevator systems in commercial and residential buildings throughout North America and internationally since 1965.

KJA has always been a pioneer in the industry, developing cutting edge ride quality analysis tools, traffic measurement methods and equipment, state of the art traffic analysis simulation software (used in design development for hundreds of international clients), and complete vertical transportation portfolio management solutions.

Services offered

  • Elevator control systems testing
  • Design of elevator/escalator systems
  • Review of elevator proposals/drawings
  • Support with elevator contract negotiations
  • Post occupancy performance inspections

What's the deal?

ONPHA members have exclusive access to:

Inspection rates (15-20% discounted from regular rates)

  • $300 condition assessment per unit
  • $350 maintenance inspection per unit
Per diem rates (10% discounted from regular rates)
  • $157.50/h for regular consultant
  • $175.50/h for senior consultant
  • $189.00/h for technical/spec writer
  • $211.50/h for senior management level


Tak Young
Toll-Free 1-800-387-9503