VCIB, an Ontario-based schedule 1 national chartered bank, was born from the values-based, community-first model sharpened over seventy years by Vancity, a financial co-operative with over half a million members. VCIB shares Vancity’s deep affinity for the non-profit housing sector and has a long-term commitment to enabling a vibrant affordable housing ecosystem in Ontario.

As Canada’s first impact bank, VCIB partners exclusively with organizations that drive social, economic, and environmental change. The bank is committed to connecting these visionary enterprises with the financial solutions they require, enabling them to grow, prosper and foster change.

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Services offered

Social Purpose Real Estate1
VCIB prioritizes financing for affordable housing and high-impact community projects, including co-working spaces, arts and cultural hubs, and heritage buildings

Socially Responsible Investing2
VCIB’s Impact GICs help generate positive social and environmental change in our communities along with competitive financial returns for your organization

Clean Energy Financing1
VCIB connects clean energy developers, installers, and building owners with the financing they need for clean energy generation and energy efficiency projects

Impact Banking
The bank will soon offer a full suite of banking products to help enable non-profits and social enterprises to grow, prosper, and foster change

What's the deal?

ONPHA members have exclusive access to:

Socially Responsible Investing:

  • An additional 0.10% bonus rate on long-term Impact GIC deposits with a maturity of one (1) year or greater
  • An additional 0.05% bonus rate on short-term Impact GIC products with a maturity of less than one (1) year

Energy Efficiency Lending:

  • An exclusive discount of 0.25% in arrangement fees for Energy Efficiency loans made directly to ONPHA members


Lars Boggild
Investment Product Manager

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1 Loans subject to credit approval. Some credit restrictions may apply. Other terms and conditions may apply.

2 The interest rates shown are indicative rates and may change without notice are only confirmed at the time of investment. Interest is calculated annually and paid (i) for terms of 1 year or less, on the Maturity Date; and (ii) for terms greater than 1 year, annually on each anniversary of the Deposit Date, and on the Maturity Date. The indicated rates are not available for transactions below the Bank’s minimum deposit thresholds, and do not reflect discretionary pricing that may be applied to client accounts. As interest rates vary depending on a number of factors we recommend you contact us when the product is available for investment to obtain an accurate quote. Rates are only guaranteed at the time of investment. Additional terms and conditions will apply.