MEMBER UPDATE: March 20, 4:00PM 

Pandemic Planning for Non-Profit Housing Providers

The evolution of COVID-19 into a global epidemic affecting the daily lives of Canadians has been a rapid one. Many organizations have disaster plans in place for floods, fires the like, but as we are finding out, a pandemic response plan is critical for maintaining operations in situations like the one we are currently facing.

Community housing providers, particularly smaller organizations, face unique challenges in the face of a pandemic. They must be prepared to manage these challenges, maintain critical services for their tenants, and keep their organization running.

Learn about the importance of having a pandemic plan in place and gain an understanding of:

  • reinforcing hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation procedures for staff
  • assessing your organization’s capacity to function during a pandemic
  • identifying and planning for delivery of critical services that must be maintained during a pandemic
  • how to involve your staff, volunteers and board members in the planning process and keep them informed of their duties
  • challenges that may arise during a pandemic situation
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