Feds to Merge Employment Insurance Benefits

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today the government will merge two previously announced employment insurance benefits for Canadians who are out of, or off work because of COVID-19. He told reporters more financial assistance will come as the pandemic wages on, with the first $82-billion aid package set to flow as soon as it passes Parliament today.

The new benefit combines the Emergency Care Benefit and Emergency Support Benefit — into the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). A $2,000 a month stipend for four months, for people who are off work and without an income as a result of the novel coronavirus.

Trudeau said this benefit will aid Canadians who have either lost their job or are off sick or taking care of their children because of COVID-19. He said Canadians should receive this assistance approximately 10 days after applying.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau told the Senate on Wednesday that this emergency benefit should begin to roll out in early April, while other top-ups will be available in May.

If you have questions about what the new benefit means, who is eligible, and how to apply, reach out at to see how we can help.