MEMBER UPDATE: March 30, 4:00PM

Province Announces New Measures to Help Seniors

The Province announced today it is working with businesses, volunteer organizations and non-profits to make it easier for Ontario's seniors to self-isolate and practice physical distancing by ensuring they can receive the support they need to stay safe and healthy. Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health urges those over 70 or with compromised immune systems and underlying medical conditions to stay home.

The government is investing $10 million to help community organizations with the coordination of subsidized deliveries of meals, medicines and other necessities to seniors. The government is also working with grocers and pharmacists to prioritize seniors' delivery orders and establish senior-only shopping hours.

The government is also working with province-wide organizations like Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) and Older Adults Centres' Association of Ontario (OACAO) to identify and mobilize volunteer supports, address social isolation and support daily living assistance.

The government is implementing a new emergency order to ensure staffing and resources are available to help care for and protect long-term care residents, providing further flexibility and allowing homes to redirect their staffing and financial resources to essential tasks. This is in addition to implementing a new approach to redeploying highly qualified inspectors to support long-term care homes on the ground through staff supply, care coordination, and helping homes prevent and contain infections.