Health and safety resources

In their roles as both landlords and employers, health and safety must be top-of-mind for Ontario's non-profit housing providers. On this page, you'll find a number of resources designed to help you meet your legal obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and to build safer, healthier environments for your staff and your tenants.

ONPHA's Health and Safety Guide

ONPHA Health and Safety Guide: March 2017ONPHA's 2017 Health and Safety Guide is an easy-to-use, practical resource designed to help non-profit housing providers create an effective health and safety plan and improve their organization's practices, while helping to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The comprehensive Guide includes:

  • A customizable template health and safety manual that can be easily adapted and applied within your own organization
  • 25 unique, safe-work procedures to guide you through the routine and unexpected scenarios that housing providers encounter in their work
  • 25 easily adaptable forms for day-to-day use - saving you time and guesswork
  • Practical tools and resources designed to help you easily meet your legal responsibilities to protect the health and safety of your employees

Have a look at the free preview to see what's included, or purchase the Guide and accompanying resources in the ONPHA store.

Health and Safety InfoONs

ONPHA's InfoON series tackles the problems and challenges housing providers face the most, outlining best practices, practical approaches and solutions. These straight-forward resources are a great place to start to learn about key areas of housing management, and they are available exclusively to housing members at no cost. Have a look below at our health and safety related InfoONs.

Housing member access only:

  • Health and Safety and Canada's Criminal Code: Outlines the implications of Bill C-45 on housing providers as it relates to health and safety. Bill C-45 facilitates prosecution and sentencing of organizations that don't take reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of workers and the public. 
  • Confined Spaces: Guidance on the requirements of the confined space provisions in the Regulation for Confined Spaces (O. Reg. 632/05) under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

PSHSA ONPHA Member Resource Portal

ONPHA is a proud participant in the Public Services Health & Safety Association's (PSHSA) Affiliate Program, to empower ONPHA member organizations to increase their health and safety awareness and help protect the health and safety of their staff and communities.

ONPHA housing members have access to a dedicated portal of PSHSA resources designed to help them meet their health and safety requirements. From helpful info sheets and backgrounders, to checklists, toolkits, forms and a series of webinars and video tutorials on key health and safety topics for housing providers, it's a great way to tap into PSHSA's leading health and safety expertise. 

Housing members: Click here to access the PSHSA Resource Portal

*To access the portal, you must be logged into the ONPHA website using your housing member login, and be using one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome.

Quick Connections Articles

The April 2017 edition of ONPHA's Quick Connections digital magazine focused in on health and safety concerns for non-profit housing providers. Browse some of the articles below for quick reads on important health and safety topics. 

  • The lone worker: Find out what the law says about working alone and how to protect yourself and others.