Innovations in Housing Stability: Finlandia Village, Sudbury

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The innovation
Shovel-ready proposals, flexible supports and shared amenities within a multi-building seniors’ village

Sudbury Finnish Rest Home Society and the Finlandia SISU Charitable Foundation

People served
Over 400 seniors with a wide array of housing and care needs, with approximately 40 per cent being Finns 

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'Never give up. We’ve been told we can’t do things. But we did them, and in some cases they have become the standard.'
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Additional Resources

Report from Executive Director to Board of Directors
Finlandia ensures that their Board of Directors is kept informed and that their strategic plan is integrated into everything they do.
Download Sample Report (English)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Download Sample Report (French)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Sample Briefing Note for Boards on Proposed Projects
Finlandia ensures that their board is engaged early when considering new initiatives.
Download Sample Briefing Note (English)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Terms of Reference – Building Committee
Finlandia’s Building Committee helps guide new development and expansion. See their Terms of Reference to see how it’s managed.
AGM Announcement – Board Recruitment
Finlandia actively recruits new board members through public announcements like this one.
Download AGM Announcement (English)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Download AGM Announcement (French)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Resident Survey – Capital Improvement Priorities
Finlandia involves residents in setting priorities for capital improvements. See their sample resident survey.
Download Resident Survey (English)
(Microsoft Word Document)
Membership Application Form
Finlandia has a groundswell of community support through an active membership. See their sample membership application form.
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