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Alain Cadieux, Vice President, Tenant Services:
Ottawa Community Housing, Ottawa

Candidate Statement:

I have 12 years of work experience at Ottawa Community Housing and currently occupy the role of Vice President, Tenant Services.

I have governance experience serving on the Board of Director for ONPHA and others, and can bring experience in collaborating with numerous housing providers and contractors, in legislative matters and leading practices in the sector.

I direct a team of 205 employees who provide Property Management, Tenancy Administration and Support Services.

As a leader who believes in continuous improvement with a focus on quality and the tenant experience, I have led

  • the introduction of LEAN to increase cross-functional engagement, change management, ensuring a tenant centric approach and improving service delivery

  • the development of a maintenance service delivery model to optimize service delivery, built-in quality measures, increase resolution, meet legislative requirements and improve the tenant experience with a team of 100 maintenance workers completing 100,000 work orders annually.

  • the tenant communication project to facilitate meaningful tenant interactions and increase resolutions

  • the design and operationalization of award-winning call centre services fielding more than 250,000 calls from tenants annually and yielding satisfaction results above  90% .

In summary, I am a leader who brings theory to practices, truly understands the tenant-centric approach and seeks to build capacity within the organization to meet the growing needs.

To serve on the ONPHA Board of Directors is a unique opportunity to work with an organization that has a meaningful purpose and vision to ensure everyone has a home where they can fully participate in their community.

I'm personally passionate about housing, my grandmother currently lives in a seniors building at Ottawa Community Housing, it provides her a home with friends that live down the hallway in a community that understands her needs, and I feel strongly that ONPHA plays a critical role in leading, supporting and advocating for people like her.

As part of a large not for profit organization, there is exposure to several housing challenges, interfaces with service managers and political environments that would benefit the association at a board level when initiating and responding to strategic issues.

I am attentive to the needs of the sector and interested to continue to contribute where needed.


Skill-sets and Experience:

  • Business planning acumen
  • Change management and modernization
  • Communication and social media
  • Cross-sectoral leadership
  • Government relations and advocacy
  • Large Housing Provider (500+ units)
  • Leadership and strategic planning
  • Policy development and legal acumen
  • ONPHA's Strategic Priority

Priority 2 and Priority 3-ONPHA’s strategic priorities align with my skills and experience in the development of business models to increase membership and revenues streams, the development of data systems to track, measure, establish performance standards and quantify needs.