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Jennifer Carriere, Operations Coordinator:
Castle Arms Non-Profit Seniors Apartments, North Bay

Candidate Statement:

I have a background that is a direct link to social housing.  An opportunity to work for social services, allowed me to follow a path that provided for professional growth. I am considered a leader, with experiences spanning 15 years on the Social Services board. I had developed training, assisted with communications software development, contributed to strategic planning and being a member of the team that managed the change-over of provincial software for social services in Ontario.

I became a Property Manager for a local company that provided high-end rentals. We were able to transition a poorly performing building to a unique housing option in the downtown core that is now financially viable, serving both residential and commercial customers. I was able to learn the import of social media and the effectiveness of messaging for various groups, during that time.

I accepted a position with the Housing Authority and this provided me an understanding of the challenges, for both the housing providers and for the tenants in the north. It is a complex balance to maintain housing stock with limited budgets as well as providing safe and affordable units.

As the Operations Coordinator for Castle arms Non-Profit Seniors apartments, I have been able to improve staff cohesiveness, provide a streamlined system for annual income reviews, complete projects that enhance buildings and benefit tenants, and develop tools for day to day business management.. I currently manage almost 300 units for two housing providers.

I am passionate about creating sustainable, beneficial change and being an active participant in the change process. I believe I could represent the north, communicate our challenges effectively and bring a well-rounded perspective to the ONPHA board.

Housing has opened several doors for me. I believe everyone should have a home, where there is opportunity to participate in their community.

Housing is fundamental and I continue to pursue knowledge about how to find housing and keep it.

I believe that we must address our “customers” needs, as housing providers. The housing system has to be sustainable so as to bring us closer to achieving the strategic priorities identified by this board for the next three years.

I have a balance of knowledge, interest, grit, that will make me effective in leading and learning as a member of the ONPHA board. 


Skill-sets and Experience:

  • Change management and modernization
  • Communication and social media
  • Leadership and strategic planning
  • Northern Housing Provider/Northern Issues
  • ONPHA's Strategic Priority

Priority 1-recognized leader in housing in this district. Contributing to housing excellence.
Priority 2-Proven skill in creating solutions that work cross-sectorally.
Priority 3-History of sustainable solutions in housing.
Priority 4-As a leader, personally and professionally, I have developed a reputation for being tenacious and open to solutions that work.