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ONPHA’s Member Support Helpline is available to all housing members (staff or board members) throughout the year as an exclusive member benefit.

Through the Helpline, ONPHA’s team can help members simplify even the most complicated housing questions, saving hours of time and frustration.

From the Residential Tenancies Act and the Housing Services Act, to rent-geared-to-income calculations, tenant supports, and governance and staffing matters – we’re here to help.

Read our responses to popular member support questions

Storing Scooters
One of our tenants has recently acquired a scooter for mobility but we’re not sure how to accommodate it. What steps should we take?
Tenant vs. Tenant Complaints
Two of my tenants who live side-by-side have both issued complaints against each other. As a landlord, what are my legal responsibilities when it comes to noise and harassment complaints filed from one tenant against another?

My tenant is 20 years old and lives alone. Her only source of income is $1,200 from child and family services in a different province. She gave me a letter that calls it “income support.” What is this income and how do I calculate it?

Making Sense of EOA
I’ve been hearing a lot about End-of-Operating Agreements (EOA) and I’m not sure how I will be affected or what I need to do.

Violent Tenants
After trying to work with one of my tenants to solve their arrears, they have become increasingly hostile towards me and other staff. The last time they came to the office, they used abusive language. What can I do to protect myself and my staff?

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